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Post  bumblebee on Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:34 am

I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I am writing in the wrong place, or about something which has already been debated.

From what I have been reading on various threads, both here and on other sites, it would seem that we need a counter attack movement on the likes of ASH and the Government.

They, the antis, are bringing out sets of figures and very, very dubious facts, almost on a daily basis now. I won't bother to go into them all, as I am sure we all know the type of thing I am referring to.

I would like to propose that we, and I don't just mean us, the people on this forum, but all of us, who want to see this ban overturned or at the very least, amended, should form a joint fighting fund.

If we could amass enough money, then we could commission reports of our own, to counter attack the drivel which is turned out against us by the antis.

The first such report that I have in mind, would be on the children of smokers' health. Take maybe 50 families, who have at least one smoker in the family, and test their children's health in comparison to another 50 families, who are non smokers.

This would surely be a fair, and completely unbiased report on passive smoking?

Any comments or suggestions?

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