National Smoking Day a success

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National Smoking Day a success

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 02, 2008 4:03 am

I cannot speak for everyone of course, but National Smoking Day, 31st Dec 2007 was certainly a success where I was.

My wife and I was in a restaurant in London where cigars and Champaign were handed out to those who wanted them during the evening, and smoking was not only tolerated, but positively encouraged.

The restaurant was crowded, and there was not one complaint, not even from a miserable looking couple who were sitting quite near to me, whom I was sure were a couple of antis who would kick up a fuss about anything, as they usually do. This couple didn't actually indulge, but I did notice a flicker of a smile from them when twelve struck, and everyone started kissing everyone else, including myself, who made sure that I kissed the man's wife, as well as everyone else in sight (not him, of course).

What a great evening it was, just like it used to be, when Great Britain was still Great Britain, and not some soppy little nanny state which is just a part of federalist Europe.

We did it on New Year's Eve, let's do it more and more, let's show these tyrannical little Hitlers, that we are not going to be dictated to by them, we are going to rebel, and force this unjust law to be changed.

Bring back Great Britain and our freedom.

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Re: National Smoking Day a success

Post  panultimo on Fri Jan 11, 2008 5:48 am

I wish I had been there. It is so rotten where I live, with all the nasties in the pubs, drinking their soppy lemonades and stinking of BO. They take up vauable space which should be taken up by real drinkers, who also smoke, don't spend hardly any money and have faces as long as kites.

Bloody misserable gits spoil everyones fun. No wonder the pubs are going skint.

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Re: National Smoking Day a success

Post  numero-uno on Fri Jan 11, 2008 6:13 am

You should come to my part of the country panultimo, Essex. I was at a party in a large room bove a pub and it was great. Fags everywhere (ciggies I mean, not the other kind) and everyone was happy. And there were quite a few non smokers there too, but even they were happy.

Have a good year mate and lets hope we get shot of this rotten ban soon.

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Re: National Smoking Day a success

Post  helend498 on Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:56 pm

This was posted on Freedom to Choose after it went through the Freedom of Information Act:

In the lead up to NATIONAL SMOKING DAY the LACORS website listed a document entitled " Potential smokefree protests on national smoking day " but required a username and password to see it.

Under the Freedom of Information Act a copy has been obtained and is shown below.

"Potential smokefree protests on national smoking day 17/12/2007

We have been asked by Department of Health to alert you to this day of protest. A lobby group is calling on people who are against smokefree legislation to join together in a National Smoking Day on 31 December 2007. See the link at:

Colleagues might want to take a look around your area on the day, especially in places that are advertising National Smoking Day. Premises with any such advertisements in place might benefit from some support and advice before 31 December.

This site also provides intelligence and links to various other protests worth being aware of:

Any protests that happen in your area may lead to some press coverage so colleagues should alert press offices.Sarah Bull
Policy Officer



Sarah Bull
Policy Officer (Health and Safety)
Local Government House
Smith Square
London "

If you ever had any doubts that the " Establishment" was monitoring any anti Smoking Ban activity then this is the proof.


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National smoking day a success

Post  botswana7 on Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:11 am

No suprise that the authorties were worried about National smoking and monitoring it.

Hopefully in the near future we can give them some big headaches with the return of smoking in our pubs and clubs. Very Happy

Regards B7


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Re: National Smoking Day a success

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