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Post  stuwho99 on Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:38 am


Following on closely from my last post, I gave feed-back to Alton Towers yesterday.

I had booked, and paid for, in February, for a family party of 13 to stay at the Splash Landings Hotel on the occasion of my wife's Big 50. That was last weekend, and we had a wonderful time.
Eventually I was put through to a young guy who grudgingly conceded that he was probably the one to take negative feedback. I told him that, had it stated anywhere on their web-site, at the time I made the booking, that they operated a no smoking policy, then I would not have made the booking.

I was treated to a tirade about the law, smoking and enclosed spaces and offering a clean and healthy environment for families to which I replied that:
1. They had been in possession of my £3,000 for six months under false pretences,
2. That hotels were legally at liberty to designate hotel rooms as smoking rooms,
3. That 4 of the 5 rooms for which I had paid were occupied by smokers,
4. That 3 of those rooms were occupied by my young grand-children,
5. That I would not be returning whilst they operated that policy, and,
6. That there are 14 million smokers in the UK alone.

This started another tirade about there soon being a total ban on smoking and it being made an unlawful activity. I cut this one short, pointing out that I was the customer, I was paying for the call and that they had already had enough of my time and money. There was then an offer made to pass my comments up-line, although I doubt that ever happened!

What on Earth has happened to the old truism that “the customer is King”? What on Earth has happened to that old British virtue of which we were once so proud, tolerance?


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Post  elec-cigs on Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:08 am

The answer to your problem is to try electric cigarettes.
These can be used anywhere. They are not effected by the ban and can be used in hotels, bars, clubs and offices. There is no secondary smoking effect so children not at risk. No smell so no offence to others. Is healthy becauce no flame so no tar and no cancer. You still get the nicotine buzz and the habit of holding the cigarette.
They are also much cheaper.
A 20 a day smoker spends over £2000 a year on cigarettes.
A smoker using elec-cigs would spend around £250 for the same amount of smoking.
Why not try it
They have some gret offers at the moment.
Hope this helps


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