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The alternative to real smoking whilst beating the BAN

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The alternative to real smoking whilst beating the BAN Empty The alternative to real smoking whilst beating the BAN

Post  elec-cigs Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:09 am

I believe there is little chance of over turning the smoking ban, so those who wish to carry on smoking have two choices.
1. Spend the future standing out side public buildings in the cold and rain whilst sending a fortune up in smoke literally, or
2. Try an electronic cigarette. Some people have heard of them but very few have tried them.

The electric cigarette beats the smoking ban as it is not alight. It is significantly healthier as no TAR or other harmful elements, can be used in pubs, clubs, restaurants, trains and airports.

It is also significantly cheaper over the course of a year.
A 1 pack a day smoker will spend approx. 2000 a year on their habit, whilst the electric smoker, using their cigarette as often but in more compfort will spend approx. 250. A substantial saving, so a win win situation.

The electric cigarette still gives you the nicotine buzz, but there is no lingering smell, secondary smoking effect or cancer risk.

To find out more visit www.elec-cigs.co.uk

I think you will be suitably impressed once you have tried them.


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